Plainfield North vs Naperville Central Boys Bowling 11.14.19

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Naperville Central and Plainfield North meeting up for the second time this year. It’s a father son showdown as Brian Dunn is the coach for the Redhawks while his son Aaron leads the Tigers. After 28 games of Baker team bowling last weekend, the hawks and tigers were within 100 pins of each other.

First Game

Central’s Matt McCormack starts his night off strong with a strike. He finishes his series with a 531 after a 191 first game.

Teammate Joey Koscal picks his night up in a strong with the the small split. He grabs the spare and that is just the beginning of a big night for the redhawk.,

Tiger Caleb Rowley also picks up a spare in the first game, leading him to a 171 score.

Rounding out the first game is redhawk Ayden Van Halingen. He knocks all ten pins down in the first game, which would be his highest with a 175.

Second Game

Central’s Lake Ernst starts his second game off strong after a 182 first game. He grabs the strike and a power point, His second game would be his highest with a 227.

Plainfield North is sticking to the redhawks though. Caleb Rowley grabs a strike this time around and would be the best bowler for the tigers with a 530 series.

Central’s Joey Koscal with the quick throw in the second game. He would bowl 5 straight strikes in game 2 for a 224 score.

Tigers keeping pace though. Nate Fisher joining in on the fun and bowls a strike of his own. He finishes with a 484 series to help Plainfield North.

Third Game

In to the final game and Koscal is just too much on the night. He lets out some excitement after mowing down another strike leading him to the second highest series score of 619.

Top bowler on the night though would be Central’s Lake Ernst. He finishes off his series with a strike and lead all bowlers a 642 series which helped Naperville Central defeat Plainfield North 2803 to 2356.

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