Plainfield North Wrestling Regional 2.8.20

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Neuqua Valley competing at the Plainfield North Wrestling Regional on a Saturday afternoon, looking to qualify for sectionals next weekend.

106 Third Place Match

We begin at the third place match at 106 pounds with Neuqua’s Josh Killacky against Oswego’s Ryan Goddard. Killacky showing strength right from the beginning as he muscles around his opponent. He would end up getting the tech fall, 15-0 and the third place spot.

120 Third Place Match

Next up at the 120 weight class is wildcat Jack Reina against Plainfield North’s Brody Wyller for third place. Again, the wildcat showing strength right from the beginning. Little later in the match, Reina would get two points with this takedown, eventually helping him to the decision, 6-1 and third place.

126 Championship Match

We move to the championship mat with Reese Martin at 126 pounds facing off against Plainfield Centrals Nick Minnito. Minnito comes out swinging in the first period, getting two points for the take down. Third peiod now and Reese looking to make the comeback, trailing by 4. And he would get two points but that wouldn’t be enough at Minnito grabs first 8-6 decision.

138 Championship Match

We stay on the championship mat with Bryce Boumans at 138 against Oswego’s Zach Sato and the wildcat going right after Sato from the whistle, moving around the edge until he gets the take down for 2 points. Second period and both Sato and Boumans fighting to stay alive… boumans in control.. then sato… then back to boumans who gets the first place decision 10-5.

170 Championship Match

Oswego battling a lot on the championship mat as Cole Pradel faces off against Plainfield Norths Evan Smith at 170 pounds. Snith gaining control in the first period and getting Pradel on his head but he flips out of it and gets control and then the takedown, eventually going on to win at a 9-5 decision.

220 Championship Match

Final bout for us at the championship mat is at the 220 weight class with Wildcat Nolan LeBreck against Plainfield South’s Pablo Epanucen. LeBreck using his muscles to take down Epanucan and then pulling his arm for two points. Eventually taking another first place decision 11-2. Neuqua as a team finishes 5th on the night while Oswego takes home the Plainfield North regional plaque with 178.5 points.

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