Sam Hepburn Set to Sail Away to Spain

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Sam Hepburn starred on the 2A State Title winning Benet Academy Boys Soccer team in 2019. After this current season, the senior is off to Spain. Learn more in this feature, presented by Edward Medical Group.

Sam Hepburn: I thought the team chemistry was amazing and during the playoffs we just came together, we didn’t concede a goal and just took it all to the state final and won.

Sam Hepburn was part of the 2019 Benet Academy Boys Soccer team… you know, that one that didn’t allow a single goal in the post-season en route to the 2A title?

Yeah, as if they chemistry couldn’t already be strong enough, add Sam’s younger brother Peter into the mix.

Sam Hepburn: Every since we were younger we’ve always been competing and playing soccer and kicking the ball around in the back yard. And to see that we’re ten years later at such a high level and playing together, it’s really special.

While the Redwings won’t be afforded an opportunity to defend their title, with their season already displaced to the spring, Sam is gearing up for the next great adventure – post high school life… in Spain.

Sam Hepburn: Me and my family decided it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to do so why not try something different and make the best out of it.

Peter Hepburn: We all appreciate and really love the culture. And us knowing the Spanish language really helps.

The Hepburn brothers are half Columbian and have grown up speaking Spanish, making the next leap for Sam – and potentially Peter – less daunting.

Sam Hepburn: It’s just embracing a new culture. Because I’ve been there once or twice before and I really loved it, just the people, the food, everything about it. So just experiencing something new and different than being here my whole life.

Peter Hepburn: In Spain they have different schedules, different ways of life, they stay up later and have later dinners and it really gives you a different perspective on life.

As far as the soccer season is concern – the Redwings are 8-1, with the only blemish being a non-con game against Naperville North. With state off the table, Peter sees 2021 as a chance to build for the future.

Peter Hepburn: Just looking to get comfortable with the team at this high level of competition and making new connections with my teammates so that in the next two years we have a strong core.

So the chemistry can continue being a strength for the flock of Redwings.

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