Spring Sports Still a Possibility

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With the shelter in place order until the end of April, high schools hope to still have a truncated spring sports season. Kevin Jackman talked with Naperville North’s Bob Quinn and an IHSA representative about what that season could look like in this feature, presented by Edward Medical Group. 

IHSA’s Process

Matt Troha: I thought I had hit the apex in terms of strange, or different, unprecedented and this has been all those times ten. So it’s been very challenging.

These are the times were in… including the Illinois High School Association. Matt Troha is an assistant executive director, in charge for public relations and communication among other responsibilities. As of right now, he and his colleagues are still holding out hope for a spring season… though, the time to cancel is fast approaching.

Matt Troha: I think everyone sort of understands that we’re getting to that point, and it could be a reality here. Just because we haven’t been through something like this before, we just don’t want to take it all off the table right away without knowing what could happen. We’re trying to remain positive that maybe there is some sort of breakthrough.

Local Contingency Plans

Naperville North, and the DuPage Valley Conference, are also putting in place contingency plans for a potentially condensed spring season. But admittedly, optimism is fading.

Bob Quinn: Yes, I think that the hopes are dwindling but we have to see what the federal government, state government and municipalities and our district say with regards to our ability to gather and do it safely.

Bob Quinn is North’s Athletic Director. While he wants to see his student-athletes get a chance to compete, he has to weigh that against exposing them to multiple health risks.

Bob Quinn: First and foremost we need to put our student-athletes in a situation where they’re health. And certainly, when we talk about health the first thing people think of is the coronavirus. But if we were to play we would be asking our athletes to perform at a very high level physically. And some may be ready to do that and others may not.

Spring Sports; What Would it Look Like

Ultimately, if a spring season were to happen, it would be required to run later than the original season was intended to. And although typically the IHSA has rigid dates set forth by law, there is flexibility in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Matt Troha: If we can realistically get back and get playing then to push those limitations in to late June and try and conduct those championships…

Then it would be feasible. But like Troha pointed out… these are unprecedented times. Before any of this is possible, students will have to be allowed to resume school and the shelter-in-place order will have to be lifted.

Reporting for NSW, I’m Kevin Jackman