St. Charles Co-Op vs. Neuqua Valley Girls Lacrosse Supersectional 5.29.19

May 30, 2019
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Neuqua Valley Girls Lacrosse heads to the Supersectional for the first time in program history, a part of the elite eight. They take on the St. Charles Co-op who defeated the wildcats earlier this season.

First Half

The co-op already leading 1-0 with 16 minutes left in the first. Muneeza Shams waits patiently and finds Caroline Perkins right in front of the net for the goal, game all tied up at 1 early.

St. Charles again in the lead with under 7 minutes left in the first half. Maddie Wiltrout with a penalty show and she bounces the shot past Stephanie Eichamer, co-op pushing their lead up 3-1.

Three minutes left until intermission, Maddie Wiltrout knifes her way through the teeth of the defense and score, 4-2 st Charles in the lead.

Final seconds of the first half, Neuqua hanging on, Courtney Costello passes inside to Brenda Anderson and she bounces the shot past Megan Steffey at the buzzer, at the break, the c-op leads 4-3.

Second Half

Early in the second half, Lauren Reitzel with a penalty shot and she makes a nifty move to juke out Megan Steffey for the goal. Neuqua trailing by 1.

22 minutes left in the second half, St Chalres looks to advance their lead again. Maddie Wiltrout drives but she hits a wall of defenders. She bounces away and hits Makayla Thomas in the slot for her 3rd of 5 goals in the game.

Under 20 minutes to play, Neuqua’s Christine Corbin with the ball of the restart. She walks slow then kicks it up a notch to dodge a defender and score. After another Corbin goal, it’s 7-6.

15 minutes left in the 2nd half, Makayla Thomas blows right by the defense and scores again. Lightning would strike shortly after that and the game is suspended until the next day where the sun is shining!

Neuqua comes out swinging with little over two minutes left in the game. Lauren Reitzel gets a pick and drives by the defense and scores. 9-7 St. Charles leads.

Little over a minute left and Neuqua still fighting, down 2. Off a restart, Reitzel gets another goal to go, cats down by just 1.

Final seconds of the game and St. Charles playing keep away for the rest of the game. Lexie Kiefer passes inside to Thomas for the goal and St Charles advances to the state semifinals with a 10-8 two day win.

The Neuqua Valley boys lacrosse team is fighting it’s way through the post season. Check out their highlights in the Boys Sports Highlights!