St. Viator vs. Benet Academy Boys Basketball 2.20.19

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Last home game for the Benet Academy redwings, hosting St. viator. The wings have one more game before regional start next week, where they have already secured the 2 seed.

We jump to the end of the first, St. Viators treyvon calvin thinks about driving.. but better yet, hits the step back three to put the lions up by 1.

Benet’s big man looks to take the lead back in the second. Colin Crothers with the left handed finish puts the wings up by 1 now, 18-17.

Moving quickly, to the third and this is when Kendrick Tchoua starts to come alive… here with the slam, Benet leading 36-26.

Few plays later and it’ Tchoua again.. looks to almost get tripped up.. but has one better with the and one, 38-28 now.

He isn’t done yet… Tchoua again crashing the boards with the put back.. he had 19 points on the night as the wings lead by 11 points.

Fourth quarter action and Jeremiah Hernandez, after watching Tchoua work his magic… he gets the dunk. Lions down 7.

But Tchoua and Crothers were too much for the lions… with the help from Trevor Casmere, hitting the corner three, the wings take the win over St.Viator 62-57.