Sycamore vs Benet Academy Boys Soccer 10.29.19

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Benet Academy, holding the one seed in the 2A Sectional Semifinal game travel to Burlington Central to face off against Sycamore High School. The Spartans defeated Fenton 4-nil in the regional finals to get to this game.

First Half

8th minute and Sycamore all ready in the hunt, but Benet’s net minder Vito Staniskis helps push the ball over the cross bar to keep zeros on the board in the first half.

Benet’s turn to be on the offensive move and Han Haenicke sends one to the net but it too is pushed aside by Sycamore’s goalie.

Just under 18 minutes left in the first half, off the corner, the ball hits one of the redwings head then finds Nicholas Augustyn’s head who puts benet up 1-nil in the first half of play.

Spartans look to even the playing field as Mile Guiburat takes aim but again Staniskis swallos up the attempt to kepe the wings in the lead.

Just over 8 minutes left in the first half. Off a quick corner, BA’s Trent McVey is the receiver of a little give and go and unleashes a shot but it’s stopped before it finds twine.

Time winding down in the first and Benet’s Nicholas Augustyn fools the defender and his shot finds the top bin, scoring his second goal of the night, 2-nil Benet going in to the locker room.

Second Half

Redwings looking to extend their lead even more as Nicolas Picha spins in the box and gets a shot off that is saved by Sycamores goalie.

Benet gets one more attempt off in the second half, but the goalie pushes is away. No worries though because the Redwings advance to the Sectional Finals, to face off against Lemont.

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