The Naperville Carillon Cup of Charity

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The local Naperville hockey teams got together off the ice to participate in the Carillon Cup of Charity. Find out exactly what that is in this feature, presented by Edward Medical Group.

Coming together

During a time of the Carillon Cup (a local hockey tournament) the Naperville area hockey teams weren’t just competing on the ice, but doing the opposite off of it.

Patti McDonnell, the organizer of the event, “It was incredible. Right now in the community, we have what’s known as the Carillon Cup of Hockey where all the local hockey teams are playing each other and Mike who is the president of Warrior Hockey Club suggested I reach out to all the clubs and do the Carillon Cup of Charity.”


This new type of Cup took place at Walmart, where all 4 local hockey teams took to the aisles rather than the ice and shopped for 32 children and 16 moms for the Lambs Fold trinity Services in Joliet. They each donated $20 of their own money and checked items off from the wish lists while also realizing just how fortunate they really are.

Matt McDonnell, a senior at Neuqua Valley, “I think it’s important to get out of the Naperville bubble. We expect a lot and there are people out there that don’t have as much and it’s eye opening.”

“Well I think it’s important to give back because not everyone has as much as some people do so it’s nice to help out,” comments Zach Malbon.

Matt McDonnell is a senior at Neuqua Valley while Zach Malbon is a junior who plays for the Warriors but it isn’t just the upperclassman that felt a sense of giving. Freshman Jammer Hope of Naperville North also realized the importance of helping out the community, “It was a lot of fun and heartwarming that we all got to do this as a team, a club, and a community.”

The Warriors, Wildcats and Huskies all shopped on one day while the Redhawks finished off the list a week later. Every hockey player donated time and money and came out with more than they expected.


Working as a team is something all of these athletes are used to, but coming together as a community team created a heartwarming feeling that could even melt the coldest of ice rinks.

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