The Tale of Two Goalies at Benet Academy

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The Beginning

Most know the Tale of the Two Cities… but what about the Tale of Two Goalies at Benet Academy. This story doesn’t involved war. Rather the opposite. It begins with two soccer players who realize that they enjoy spending time in the net.

Vito Staniskis: First I was a field player, and then I joined club when I was 10 and started really liking getting muddy and it carried over for 8 years now.

Hunter Randolph: “I started playing goalie 11 years ago. I never wanted to play an other position. I’ve always been athletic so why not be a goalie?”

Chapter Two

Chapter two… they both are the same age and want to be starters on the Benet Academy Soccer team.

Staniskis: “This is what we had last year too, as juniors. It’s unique for two goalies who are the same age. I think it’s a fun dynamic. We are able to push each other and we have a fun competitiveness.

Randolph: “I don’t think the competition effects us at all. I think we’ve been together for years now and our chemistry is up there.

Different Characteristics

And all though the two characters have two different makeups…

Staniskis: “Hunter has strengths and I have strengths. Hunter has the agility and foot skills. I have the height and am more tactical.”

Same Ending

Differences aside, they want the same ending.

Randolph: “We want to win state, and just make this year the best year.”

With these two teammates working together along with the rest of the Benet Academy soccer team supporting each other along the way, their story won’t end until the championship game in November.

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