Waubonsie Valley vs. Benet Academy Boys Volleyball 4.11.19

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Waubonsie Valley enters play winless on the young season as they head to Benet for a non-conference game. The Redwings have won 4 of their last 5 games.

First Set

Benet leading by one in the first set, Davis Kendrick makes a nice save and gets it to Matthew Degnan who sets up Augie Mazza for the kill 13-11.

Benet up 22-18 now Degnan sets up Kendrick this time for the kill. Benet appears to be in control 23-18.

But after a series of errors and violations, Waubonsie climbs back into the game. Kendrick and Sean Becker do a great job ofkeeping the point alive but they have to reset and Marc Bailey sets up Ben Schweiger for the kill, game tied at 23.

WV now in control, leading by 1. Degnan sets up Mazza again for the kill but it’s blocked at the net by Schweiger and WV takes set 1 25-23.

Second Set

Into the second set and Benet in control once more, Matthew Despain has a kill attempt dug out by Davis Kendrick, Degnan then sets up mazza for the kill, Benet up 5.

Benet up by 9 later in the set, Degnan continues his great night setting up teammates as he goes to Andrew Rogers this time for the kill 19-9.

Few points later, and Degnan picks a new teammate, Kevin Drazba to assist and he paints the line helping Benet to force a third set 25-15.

Third Set

Good back and fourth action in the third set, Matthew Degnan sets up Drazba again for the kill, Benet in control of the third 9-3.

Waubonsie gets rolling a little later, Marc Bailey sets up Schweiger for the put down, Warriors trailing by 3.

Benet looking to extend their lead, Sean Becker makes a nice dig to Degnan to Drazba once more for another tally in the kill column, Benet leading 17-13.

One match point… pretty nice way to end it for Kevin Drazba, he gets the ace to seal the win, 23-25, 25-15, 25-15.