Waubonsie Valley vs Benet Academy Sectional Final Volleyball 11.6.19

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Benet Academy and Waubonsie Valley meeting up at Bolingbrook Highschool for the Sectional Final game. Benet is back in the finals for a third straight year while the warriors make their first appearance since 2006.

First Set

Benet leading early but Warriors not making it easy, Trinity Evans gets up at the net for the tip over that lands right on the line. WV trailing by 2.

Warriors look to get another point a little later in the first set, trailing by 4 but Benet digs out the attempt and then Rachel Musienga sets up Sophie Gregus to extend the wings lead 14-9.

Waubonsie trying to stay alive as the wings lead by 9 late in the first set and they would do that as Gabi Croll’s kill defelcts off BAs block and then hits the floor, warriors trailing by 8.

Benet not slowing down though, leading by 10 now, the warriors send a roll shot over and Musienga back sets Colleen McGuire who finds space in the middle of the floor for Benet to go up 22-11.

Warriors still fighting and they get a little lucky on this play too. After Benet sends a kill attempt over, Waubonsie goes for the kill but finds a wall, ball comes back quick and Tess Stawski digs it out and right over the net for the point…Warriors trailing by 6.

On set point, the redwings would prove to be too much in the first set, and a longer rally results in a block party being thrown by Ann Marie Remmes and Rachel Musienga to end in a BA victory, 25-19.

Second Set

The redwing fans go in to the second set pumped up and ready to take home the victory.

Benet leading by just one early in the second set. Benet is forced to send a free ball over and that let’s Waubonsie set up Trinity Evans who shoots one right down the line for the WV point to tie everything up at 7s.

But benet responds quickly as Rachel Musienga sends one over on the second touch for the wings point, leading 13-10.

Waubonsie Valley staying alive still courtesy of their defense, BA’s Kylie Kenney goes for the attempt but its deflected by Alenzie France and Aryanna Ruffin. Warriors trailing 19-15.

Longer rallys would become a theme in this second set but on match point for Benet, the back and fourth comes to an end as Sophie Gregus gets the quick kill off the net for benet to advance to the super sectionals for the second straight season, facing off against Minooka on Friday night.

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