Badminton Waubonsie Valley vs. Metea Valley 02.10.21

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Coming off a loss to Naperville Central, Waubonsie Valley travels to face the Metea Valley Badminton team – for the Mustangs, it’s their first match of the season.

#3 Singles Won by Metea Valley Badminton

Starting off with #3 singles as Waubonsie’s Nicole George takes on Metea’s Anjana Viswanathan. Opening up the scoring by returning the serve is George, giving her the point.

Off of a floating birdie, Viswanathan has a lot of time to think about the hit and smash in a point.

Some quick action here as George can’t return the birdie giving the point to Viswanathan.

Off of the serve, Viswanathan hits a strong shot to the opposite side of the George giving her the point and match win by scores of 21-12 and 21-7.

#1 Doubles

Next up we have #1 doubles as Metea’s Sophia Wang and Vivian Kok takes on WVs Nicole George and Sonali Manoharan. Starting off strong is Wang with a nice hit that the wv duo cant handle.

Later on, meeting the birdie at the net to smash it into the ground is Manoharan giving the warrior duo a point.

Off of the serve, Kok is barely able to get the birdie back over the net. But it gets there… point Mustangs.

Some quick thinking by Manoharan to get the birdie past the mustang duo. Point Warriors.

Finding space on the outside for the point is George. WV staying in the match.

Despite the Warriors good effort and forcing a 3rd set, a hard shot low and to the outside comes from Kok and is enough to give the mustangs the 3 set win by scores of 21-12; 18-21; and 21-14.

#1 Singles

Last up we have #1 singles from two players we just watched as Manoharan takes on Wang. Off of the serve the Warrior finds the open court and drops the birdie perfectly to open up the scoring.

Some more good back and forth action eventually ends when Manoharan drops the shot just over the net giving Wang no chance.

After some more quick action Wang drops in a nice shot keeping her in the match.

Despite Wang’s good effort the Warrior is just to much as she sends the birdie back from where it came from giving Manoharan the Warriors sole win by scores of 21-8 and 21-16.

The Warriors fall to the Mustangs 14-1 and move to 0-2 in the DVC as Metea Valley Badminton picks up win number one.