Waubonsie Valley vs Neuqua Valley Girls Tennis 9.12.19

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Waubonsie Valley, traveling for the last four games in a row, step foot on Neuqua Valley’s Tennis courts for a 204 dual. We start first with one singles with Hannah Neuman facing off against Warrior Angelica Alvarez.

#1 Singles

Both girls playing near the back line in the first set. Neuman sends a powerful cross court hit that forces Alvarez to hit it out for the wildcat to take the early lead.

We jump in to a longer rally still in the first set, Angelica Alvarez outlasts Nueman in this one, hitting a couple shots right over the net she the offensive advantage but the wildcat would end up taking the first set.

On to the second set where Neuman stays in control. Both girls advance towards the net but Hannah’s skills were just a little faster, as she takes the win in two sets.

#1 Doubles

Moving over a court to 1 doubles with Neuqua’s Sofia Ramos and Emiley Piao facing off against Ana Cuetos and Rubiah Sami and the wildcats strike first at the net for the point.

Little later in the first set the wildcats try to get another quick point at the net but the warriors force the error for the point.

After the wildcats take the first set, they come out in the second ready for the W as Ramos at the net gets the quick kill.

#2 Doubles

We stay with doubles but move to the twos with Hannah Kesknbarg and Yurui sun against Emma Bridgeman and Kendall Gooch and Hannah gets the quick point in the first set.

But the warriors start making moves later as they hit a soft serve and then a lob that the wildcats hit out for the WV point.

After taking the first set the Wildcats are again in the hunt to close it out in two. A long rally ensues until Yurui switches up her stands, hits the attack and the warriors can’t return. Neuqua takes 2 doubles.

#2 Singles

Our final match of the night is 2 singles with Victoria Yin facing off against Waubonsie’s Kayla Hess. Hess approaches the net in a longer rally but then aims her racquet in the wrong direction off of Yin’s attack resulting in the Wildcat point.

But Wauobonie’s Hess, playing great defense, makes all the right moves offensively as well, forcing the wildcat error. Hess would be the only Waubonsie Valley tennis player to win her match on the day as Neuqua takes the team win.

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