Waubonsie Valley vs. Neuqua Valley Girls Water Polo 3.8.19

March 9, 2019
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Season opening tournament at Metea Valley for the girls water polo season. Neuqua valley and Waubonsie Valley Water Polo face off in on of the opening matches.

We pick things up early in the first, Neuqua’s Michaela Johnson finds room in the top corner of the net. John with 3 goals on the night as neuqua leads 2-0.

Waubonsie’s Rebecca Farber getting her team on the board, still in the first, Farber squaks in the goal in the top corner, wildcats still lead thought 3-1.

Second quarter now and Shannon Wenzel joins in on the fun for neuqua, helping them pull away early after taking the goalie on, 11-2 NV.

Third quarter action and waubonsie trying to hang on. Catherin Guan muscles in a goal cutting neuquas lead to 9.

Neuqua came out strong in the opening tournament with everyone pulling some weight. The goalie as well.. sending a leading pass to Jill Erlechman for the easy goal as neuqua grabs the easy victory 19-10 over Waubonsie Valley Water Polo.