Waubonsie Valley Welcomes All to Cheer and Dance

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Under a sign that reads “Be Here, Be You, Be WV” the Waubonsie Valley dance and cheer team come together with some new faces on their squad.

Thanks to Katelyn Poch, the Peer Partners cheer and dance night came together, allowing students with special needs to suit up and cheer and dance with the two squads.

After watching her older brother be so involved at Waubonsie Valley, Poch wanted to continue that inclusivity in what she enjoyed doing as well.

The planning for the event started last year and with the help from Coach Megan Voitik, Poch was able to make her dream come true.

With a practice being held the day before, the new members learned dances and the famous “Warrior Power” Cheer before the big game the next day.

Now, under the lights on Friday night, the smiles can be seen from every member on the sideline.

It can definitely be said that these two squads are living up to that motto of Being Here, Being themselves, and representing Waubonsie in the best way possible thanks to this evening of inclusivity.

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