Waubonsie’s Megan Burling Plays Goalie First Time Ever

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Waubonsie’s Megan Burling decided that the Sectional Semifinal game was a good time to play goalie for the first time ever, earning her this week’s Play of the Week, presented by Aurelio’s of Naperville.

The Play

Girls Play of the Week and this whole situation deserves some attention. Waubonsie Valley Girls Soccer, facing off against Naperville Central. Waubonsie’s loan goal came from Megan Burling in regulation… but then the Warriors goalie got hurt and they had to go to Penalty kicks… Burling, the one I just mentioned who scored a goal, steps into the net to defend them in the sectional semifinal game. She has never played goalie before but figured now was a good time to start. Not only did she help out the team by stepping in net but she also made some incredible stops like this diving save! This crazy story warrants Waubonsie’s Megan Burling to achieve this weeks play of the week.

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