Citizens’ Climate Education

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Citizens’ Climate Education (CCE) is a volunteer organization that educates the general public and policymakers about effective solutions to climate change. The Greater Naperville Area chapter is one of over 450 active chapters nationwide. The goal of our education efforts is to build societal and political will for effective and long-lasting climate solutions.

In this interview, two members of the Greater Naperville Chapter of CCE touch on the local impacts of climate change as well as the key elements required for any national climate solution to effectively and equitably address climate change. They go on to describe a specific approach —“carbon fee and dividend” —that is gaining support from people across the political spectrum, including economists, climate scientists, and members of the general public. Finally, they discuss steps concerned citizens can take to advocate for effective solutions to the challenge of climate change.

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Spotlight Guests

Theresa Quain, Chapter Leader and Volunteer
Jason Bono, Volunteer