Jaycees are committed to building Naperville’s future leaders

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The Naperville Jaycees, a dynamic young person’s organization, is on a mission to cultivate Naperville’s future leaders by championing philanthropy and volunteerism. With a vibrant history of community involvement dating back to 1981, the Jaycees have become an integral part of Naperville’s social fabric. From organizing delightful events like Lobster Day and the annual Easter Egg Hunt to hosting the much-anticipated Naperville Jaycees Last Fling, their impact resonates far and wide.

Community-focused initiatives

Through their unwavering dedication, the Naperville Jaycees play a pivotal role in fortifying the local community. Volunteering their time and efforts, they contribute to a plethora of causes that span from supporting other local non-profit organizations to recognizing exceptional endeavors within the community. By seamlessly blending meaningful contributions with a sense of camaraderie, the Jaycees truly exemplify the idea of making a difference while having a great time.

The Last Fling: A festive farewell to summer

One of the crowning achievements of the Naperville Jaycees is the Last Fling, the annual family-friendly community festival that marks the end of summer in style. Held over the Labor Day Weekend near Downtown Naperville, the Last Fling is a joyful celebration featuring a captivating array of attractions suitable for all ages. From great entertainment to a bustling carnival atmosphere, this event encapsulates the Jaycees’ commitment to fostering community bonds.

Fueling change through fundraising

The Last Fling isn’t just a spectacular celebration; it’s also a monumental fundraiser that fuels transformative change. As the Naperville Jaycees’ largest fundraising endeavor, the event generates substantial profits that are channeled back into the community. Since its inception, the Jaycees have donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations in Naperville and DuPage County, channeling funds towards vital civic improvements that uplift the lives of countless residents.

Empowering positive impact

The Naperville Jaycees operate on a principle of thoughtful decision-making. Donation requests submitted to the organization undergo a comprehensive review process that involves the discerning eyes of the Donations Committee, the prudent approval of the Board of Directors, and the final stamp of endorsement from the general membership. This thorough approach ensures that each contribution is aligned with the organization’s mission and contributes meaningfully to the betterment of the community.

The Jaycees wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of philanthropy. By actively donating their time, skills, and energy, they extend their reach beyond monetary contributions. Whether it’s organizing volunteer initiatives, lending a helping hand to those in need, or championing noble causes, the Naperville Jaycees embody the true essence of community service.

Informed and involved

For those eager to learn more about the Naperville Jaycees’ upcoming projects and events, information is available on their website. By exploring the Upcoming Events section, you can stay informed and play an active role in the organization’s efforts to create a brighter, more united Naperville.

Spotlight welcomed The Naperville Jaycees’ Arienna Guziec, Board Vice President and Kathryn Stapleton, Executive Committee.