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Literacy DuPage recruits and trains volunteer tutors who teach adults English. Since 1972, they have been equipping a big-hearted army of tutors to sit side-by-side with adults in DuPage County who cannot understand, speak, read, or write English.

The organization provides volunteers with the materials, techniques, and confidence they need to help adults shatter language barriers and experience a whole new world of communication and connection. After tutors attend a Meet & Greet and training session, they are matched with an adult learner or begin tutoring in a College of DuPage ELA or ABE classroom.

With one-on-one tutoring, the learner and tutor decide on a convenient meeting time and place—often at the local library.
The instruction is entirely customized. The learner chooses specific goals—understand street signs, decipher prescription labels, tell bedtime stories, apply for a job—and the tutor offers practical instruction to help the learner achieve those goals. This highly personalized approach produces results, builds relationships, and strengthens families and communities.

More than 100,000 DuPage County residents need help improving their English skills. Every year, Literacy DuPage serves more than 500 adult learners in more than 30 communities throughout DuPage County. But right now, the waiting list includes 200 more people who hope to be matched with a tutor.

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