Naperville Hurling & Camogie Club

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Naperville Hurling & Camogie Club is a 501c3 not-for-profit international sports organization and member of the Gaelic (Irish) Athletic Association (GAA) and the United States Gaelic Athletic Association (USGAA).  These affiliations give their members and leadership increased training and coaching opportunities. Hurling and Camogie (women’s hurling) are two of the national sports of Ireland. Naperville is one of two Illinois cities with Hurling clubs, the other being Chicago.

The Naperville Hurling & Camogie Club provides adult leagues as well as youth and educational programs. Most players have little to no direct experience when they join and membership and equipment costs are modest compared to other sports. The Naperville Hurling & Camogie Club promotes awareness of the games and their important place in Irish history and culture, as well as provides opportunities to learn and play these great games!

How to Play

The games are older than any modern sport but combine the best elements of baseball, soccer, lacrosse, handball, and even tennis into a furiously fast, fun, and high-scoring spectacle that favors quickness, coordination, field awareness, and striking power over size and speed. Hurling and Camogie are fast, fun, and challenging sports that are relatively unknown in America. The sports are played on a large field. There is a soccer-style goal with field goal posts rising from the sides. Scoring is 3 pts. for a shot into the net and 1 pt. for shots above the net and between the posts.

Players learn to use a uniquely shaped stick to hit right and left-handed in the air and off the ground, run while balancing the ball on the stick, slap pass the ball to teammates, and kick the ball. The best players are exceptionally coordinated and have excellent field awareness.

Spotlight Guest

Kevin Pearson, Founder & General Manager

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