Naperville Preservation Inc.

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Naperville Preservation Inc., a 501(3)(c), is a grassroots organization for historic preservation founded in 2019. They are your neighbors, ordinary people who live right here with you.

Naperville Preservation Inc. is the only independent Naperville organization dedicated to historic preservation. They are dedicated to all of Naperville and all architectural styles and periods, from a Queen Anne in the Historic District to a Mid Century Modern in East Highlands, to the faux log cabin on the south side of town. Naperville Preservation works to document and honor the built heritage of our hometown.

Why Naperville Preservation Inc.?

Historic preservation is a celebration of community. It maintains a record of Naperville’s history and culture by keeping buildings alive through adaptive reuse. It helps define our identity, keeps our community intact, and is part of a healthy community.

They believe that preservation pays. Historic preservation is good for our local economy:

  • Old buildings attract new businesses

  • Old buildings attract people

Historic Preservation is environmentally friendly. The greenest building is the one that is already built.

Visit Naperville Preservation to see some of the places around town they’ve had an impact, are keeping their eye on, or simply love. They also host webinars and offer resources on historic preservation in Naperville.

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