NCTV17 makes a big city feel like a small town

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NCTV17 is dedicated to telling the stories of the Naperville community, from news and sports to community events. 

Why NCTV17 is vital for the community

Naperville is the fourth largest city in Illinois, and NCTV17 brings stories to the community. “NCTV17 really brings all of the stories and makes this large city feel like a small town,” said Patrick Branham, incoming board president. “You turn on network news, national network news, and all you get is war and Wall Street and all of the negative things that are going on. And here comes NCTV17 with the local stories of all the wonderful things that go on in Naperville.” 

“We all have a story to tell,” adds Executive Director Liz Spencer. “And we have an amazing staff who are dedicated to getting on the streets, in the lives of people here in Naperville.” 

NCTV17 is a nonprofit

NCTV17 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, and fundraising is integral to completing its mission. Recently, the station had its fundraiser, “The Morning Show.” Hosted by NBC5’s Stephen Holt, “The Morning Show” brought the community together and shared stories of hope and encouragement. 

Another fundraiser is “Game On!” Danielle Tufano hosts Naperville’s only TV Game show. Two teams of four players each compete in six fun games of skill and a chance to win the Game On! Trophy AND city bragging rights.

“We really need the support. We’d love for you to join us in any of those fundraising opportunities,” said Branham. 

Vision Statement

An informed, connected, and engaged community.

Mission Statement

Tell local stories on TV and online!