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Nick’s Network of Hope is a mental health awareness, suicide prevention, and grief support 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides resources, education, and support by public speaking engagements, webinars, donation of books, and the sponsoring of community events. Nick Pacha, the “Nick” in Nick’s Network of Hope, died by suicide in 2013 at age nineteen while away at college.

The website,, is a comprehensive information portal that includes a “Learn” and a “Get Help” page for each of the following life challenges: depression/suicide awareness; anxiety; addiction and substance abuse; cutting and self-harm; LGBTQ issues; and eating disorders. It also includes articles, resources with links to national and local organizations, grief help after loss, and information about our new book, Saving Ourselves from Suicide—Before and After: How to Ask for Help Recognize Warning Signs, and Navigate Grief.

Saving Ourselves from Suicide—Before and After, by Linda Pacha, founder/president of the organization, is published by Autumn Bloom Press, owned and operated by Nick’s Network of Hope. This valuable resource is for people struggling in life or those grieving after loss—and anyone wanting to help them. It is available on Amazon and with other booksellers. A listing of all booksellers is on Read the detailed table of contents, testimonials, and more by using the “Look Inside” feature on Amazon.

*All book sale net proceeds go toward suicide prevention.* As part of our charity’s mission, we are donating copies of our book on an annual basis to certain mental health professionals and facilities to distribute and/or use with their client-patients.

All donations to Nick’s Network of Hope are tax-deductible.

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