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The Swifty Foundation was started by Michael Gustafson before his death at age 15 from pediatric brain cancer. Michael chose to donate his “body” to science so that new, more effective treatments could be found and other children wouldn’t have to suffer what he did. Michael’s donation led Swifty to start a national initiative, Gift from a Child, to educate and advocate for post-mortem tissue donation. GFAC helps families donate their child’s post-mortem tissue so that researchers might have the diseased tissue they need to understand why treatments fail so many children.

Gift from a Child is currently running an awareness campaign called Give a Hand, Take a Stand. The handstand idea came from Michael Gustafson because prior to having brain cancer, Mikey was a handstand champ. Handstands are a childish, fun thing to do. GFAC wants to prevent more children from losing their childhood by focusing attention on the lack of progress in treating childhood cancer. It is underfunded and under-resourced despite the fact that it is the number one disease-related cause of death in children.

Cancer turns our world upside down just like a handstand does and both require courage, strength, and perseverance. To learn how you can help children with cancer by taking the challenge visit Gift From a Child.

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