Christmas Music and Basketball Embarrassments

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Christmas music and basketball embarrassments are some of the subjects on this week’s Quick Hits with Sam Taviani and Jeske Maples.

With the calendar turning to November, there are few more divisive topics this time of year then when it is appropriate to begin playing Christmas music. Both junior linebacker Sam Taviani and freshman offensive lineman Jeske Maples agreed that it should hold off until after Thanksgiving, at which time it is fine to fully get into the holiday spirit.

Next, the two were asked what their most embarrassing sports moment was. Maples admitted that, in middle school, he scored a basket for the other team in a basketball game. After turning to see his teammates and coaches upset, he quickly realized what had happened. Coincidentally, Taviani said he was involved in a similar incident (though he wasn’t the one who actually put the ball in the basket) immediately off the opening tip off of a game.

Speaking of basketball, with both the North Central men’s and women’s basketball teams set to tip off their seasons next week, the players were asked who the best basketball player on the football team is. The consensus pick was senior cornerback Jake Beesley, who won the most recent dunk contest the team holds during preseason training camp. To offer two answers, Taviani and Maples agreed that freshman quarterback Luke Lehnen (who of course also plays for the North Central baseball team) was a good shout for second place.