Desert Islands, Concerts, Other Sports

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Desert Islands, Concerts, Other Sports all are the subjects of this week’s Red Zone Quick Hits with Luke Lehnen and Jamauri Spivery.

First, the players were asked what one thing other than food or water they would want with them on a desert island. Lehnen initially wanted to bring his X-Box, but with that out of the question opted instead for either a football or soccer ball to try and pass the time.
Spivery said he likes to write and thus would bring a journal to document his experiences spending time alone on the island and what he saw.

Next, they were asked what their first ever concert was. Lehnen said he, his girlfriend and a few other friends went to see country duo Dan & Shay for his first show. Meanwhile, Spivery had an unbelievable answer: his first concert was Michael Jackson’s final tour when he was a kid.

The final question was what other sport they would play, but that’s not straightforward for these two. Lehen is a star on the Cardinals baseball team, and likewise Spivery is one of North Central’s top track athletes. Lehnen said he’d like to try volleyball, having watched his siblings play and being impressed by the athleticism at the highest level of the sport. Spivery said he’d try boxing, having been introduced to it as a kid.