Ethan Greenfield Off and Running, FG Block, Deja Vu

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Ethan Greenfield Off and Running, FG Block, Deja Vu on this week’s edition of Red Zone’s Check the Tape with head coach Jeff Thorne.

In their previous game against Millikin, the North Central passing game got off to a slow start. However, there was no reason to worry as the running game quickly picked up the slack and racked up over 300 yards on the ground. The Cardinals’ offense picked up where it left off in that regard, beginning against WashU with four consecutive handoffs to Ethan Greenfield to begin the game that gained 33 yards.

Jeff Thorne complimented not only Greenfield for helping jump start the eventual 59 points the team scored, but also the display of the offensive line on the opening drive which ended with a one-yard touchdown run for quarterback Luke Lehnen.

Next up, Dan Gilroy found another way to make a play in the backfield this weekend. Instead of a sack or tackle-for-loss as we’ve been accustomed to seeing, this time Gilroy swatted down a Bears’ field goal attempt. Thorne praised the complete performance of his team in all three phases of the game, which also included a 78-yard punt return touchdown.

Finally on this edition of Check the Tape, we experience some deja vu. It was the third consecutive week that Lehnen and DeAngelo Hardy connected on a touchdown pass of at least 40 yards. Thorne stressed the importance of the relationship the two underclassmen have developed this season given that those relationships are the foundation on which great teams are built.