Greenfield and Hill Vanquish Vikings

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Greenfield and Hill vanquish Vikings in a running back and offensive line-themed Check the Tape of a record setting offensive performance.

With 591 rushing yards, North Central’s running backs and offense line started in the team’s Senior Day and conference championship-clinching win over the North Park Vikings.

The first play was a rushing a touchdown for Terrence Hill, who was outshone on the play by guards Sam Pryor and Michael Hasenstab, who pulled pulled to the left and bulldozed two defenders all the way to the end zone.

“We love to get our guards out and running,” said head coach Jeff Thorne. “That’s a lineman’s dream right there to be able to finish and land on top of a defender.”

Next, was an Ethan Greenfield 47-yard touchdown run during which he appeared to shift into another gear after getting by the defense.

“Ethan’s special,” Thorne said. “The jump-cut, to me, is the most impressive part of that run and he’s shown that over the course of his entire career here. Ethan’s repertoire that he’s developed over the last couple of years…he’s always been able to break tackles but now it’s just at a whole other level.”

Finally, was a display of pure strength and determination from Terrence Hill as he dragged a pile of Viking defenders with him.

“It’s good to see him lower his shoulders and run hard like that,” said Thorne. “He’s such a good running back and he would start for every other team in our conference and probably be an all-conference player.”