Jeff Thorne on Millikin Win, CCIW Title Opportunity

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Jeff Thorne on Millikin win, CCIW title opportunity ahead of final regular season road game against Washington University.

The Cardinals trailed for the first time in a game since the first half at Wheaton six games ago, but Thorne said it didn’t shake his team’s confidence. He said that early mistakes on offense, particularly two turnovers, but the defense in difficult situations. However, he’s proud of the way the offense responded to eventually regain control of the game.

That offensive response was led by the running game and junior Ethan Greenfield, who carried 24 times for 183 yards and three touchdowns. Eventually the passing game also came to life and was led by sophomore DeAngelo Hardy with 129 yards and three scores of his own. Thorne said it was great to see Ethan back leading the way on the ground after a game missed due to injury followed by a game of limited carries. Hardy stepped up in the absence this week of senior Andrew Kamiesnki, showing he has the talent to be used as a number-one receiver.

Thorne said that this week the Cardinals aren’t viewing a 7-1 WashU team as preparation for the playoffs but simply as an opponent in a de-facto conference title game, with a win sealing a share of the CCIW crown for the first time in three years and a chance to win the conference outright the following week.

This is the Cardinals final road trip of the season, and Thorne said he doesn’t have any particular favorite typical destination on the schedule. He views each away game as a business trip and wants his players to adopt the same attitude.