Lehnen Throw Progressions, a Trademark Greenfield Run, Antwain Walker’s Impact

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For this week’s Check the Tape, Alex and Coach Spencer had plenty to choose from in a 73-point performance and shutout for the Cardinals’ win over Carroll University.

Luke Lehnen Goes Through Progressions to Find Touchdowns

A two-for-one to start, with sophomore quarterback Luke Lehnen tossing similar touchdown passes to Jacob Paradee and Terrence Hill. On the first, Lehnen fakes a handoff and waits for the defense to commit before floating a pass for a score.

“This first one we’re running a naked play-action,” Spencer explained. “We’ve got a wheel route and a flat route and their alley defender sat in the flat. So Luke did a great job of throwing the ball to Jacob, and Jacob did too finishing this off and getting the ball into the end zone.”

The second is more of a traditional drop-back for Lehnen. He patiently goes through his progression, before throwing a similar pass for a similar result to Hill.

“We had trips to the field here and got one-on-one coverage with the linebacker,” said Spencer of the formation on the second throw. “So both wheel routes, but different formations and very different plays. Luke did a good job of being accurate and putting the ball on the receivers.”

An Ethan Greenfield Run With a Bit of Everything

Senior running back Ethan Greenfield can do a bit of everything, which he showed off on his second touchdown run of the game where he spun, stiff-armed, and trucked his way to six points.

“That’s Ethan,” Spencer said. “He’s a very physical runner and he was our top speed player this weekend. He’s got great vision and can break tackles, it’s tough to break down a 213-pound running back.”

Antwain Walker Steps Up, Including on a 4th Down Stop

In one of the rare pressure moments for the Cardinals defense, junior cornerback Antwain Walker burst around the edge to make a tackle for loss to turn the ball over on downs.

“He’s been a great addition,” said Spencer of Walker. “A phenomenal young man, he brings great football experience coming from Northern Illinois playing at a bit of a higher level. He’s been a great replacement for Jake Beesley, and our boundary corner is a really important, if not the most important, position on our defense. There’s a lot of stress, a lot of pressure on that position and he’s done a great job stepping in.”