Road Trip Snacks, Video Games, Superstitions

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Road Trip Snacks, Video Games, Superstitions on this week’s Red Zone Quick Hits with Braden Lindmark and Blake Williams.

First this week the players were asked their favorite road trip snack or snacks. Junior defensive back Braden Lindmark went with a healthy option, saying he usually brings a banana on road trips. Senior wide receiver Blake Williams went the less healthy route with peanut M&Ms and chili-cheese Fritos as his favorites but said he goes “crazy on the snacks.”

Next, they were asked what their favorite video games were growing up vs now. Lindmark said he played a lot of Mario Kart as a kid, and now mostly rotates between Fortnite and Warzone. Williams’ habits haven’t changed much, with the Grand Theft Auto franchise being a constant and mix of Call of Duty games over the years.

Finally, they were asked if any of their Cardinals teammates have superstitions that stand out. They couldn’t think of any, so instead shared their own. Lindmark has been wearing the same socks and undershirt he wore in the 2019 Stagg Bowl for every game since (unfortunately one of the socks is developing a hole). Williams followed the clothing trend, saying he always wears boxers on game days rather than the usual compression shorts and said he has a particular pair he says are lucky that he tries to always wear on game days.