Secret Talents, Halloween Costumes and Pizza

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Secret Talents, Halloween Costumes and Pizza on this week’s Red Zone Quick Hits with Khori Blair and Dakota Cremeens.

The two North Central football seniors were first asked what the most notable talent possessed by one of their teammates is. Blair revealed that fellow wide receiver Matt Metz is an excellent singer (a topic that may need to be explored on a future Red Zone episodes), and Cremeens commented the fashion sense of Cole Griffin. While Cremeens conceded that isn’t exactly a talent, he believes the way Griffin dresses is noteworthy enough to fit the bill.

Next, in the first of two weeks of asking this of the players, was what the best Halloween costume each has ever had? Blair said he really loved the Power Rangers growing up and that, because the red Power Ranger was his favorite, he dressed up as the group’s leader once. He also still has the helmet. Cremeens said he had a phase as a child where he was really into Army stuff, and thus one year went as a soldier complete with camouflage face paint,

Finally, they were asked for their personal pizza takes. Blair said he isn’t a huge pizza person, but that for him Home Run Inn meat lovers gets the job done. Cremeens said his best pizza experience came in Brooklyn while visiting his sister, and that while it took a while to get his slice it was more than worth the wait.