Thanksgiving, Snow and Funny Moments

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Thanksgiving, snow and funny moments in this week’s Red Zone Quick Hits with Ethan Greenfield and Ben Wong.

This past week saw the first snowfall of the season in Naperville, so it felt right to start with asking the two Cardinals stars their feelings about snow.

“I don’t have a problem with snow, I have a problem with when it’s really, really cold,” Greenfield said.

“It’s gotta be all-in,” said Wong. “I hate the half-inch of snow. I like snow when it’s enough for, as a kid, you could go out and make snow angels, snow forts, that sort of stuff. So if it’s gonna snow it better snow a lot.”

Next, with this being the final episode before Thanksgiving, the players were asked about their favorite thanksgiving foods.

“For me it’s always been the turkey,” Greenfield said. “My family, they deep-fry the turkey. It’s always the best, I always loved it as a kid, and it hasn’t changed now.”

“Green bean and corn casseroles, those are my favorite,” Wong said, questioning his teammates preference for turkey over the variety of possible side dishes.

Finally, with the regular season having come to an end, Greenfield and Wong were asked for their funniest moment of the season. Neither could pinpoint a specific answer, but did identify that the men most often at the center of team shenanigans are Cole Griffin and DeAngelo Hardy.

“He never fails to make me laugh, he’s just a goofy kid,” Greenfield said of Hardy.