30 years of tasty treats at Cookie Dough Creations

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Cookie Dough Creations, one of the sweetest businesses in downtown Naperville, is celebrating 30 years. Katie Wood, Interim Director of the Downtown Naperville Alliance chats with Co-owner Nikki Schultz for another edition of Around Downtown on 630 Naperville

8 flavors of cookie dough, 16 flavors of ice cream 

“If you’re not into the original chocolate chip dough,” says Schultz, “you can have M&M, Oreo, or fudge brownie, and a bunch of other flavors.” Guests who come to Cookie Dough Creations can get just ice cream, just cookie dough, or a combo, where a flavor of ice cream is chosen, and then it’s topped with cookie dough. That’s 128 different combinations!

“My go-to is Moose Tracks ice cream because there are peanut butter cups in there, and then I would top that with the chocolate chip cookie dough because I’m an O.G. kinda girl,” says Schultz. And it’s not just raw cookie dough that’s on the menu. Baked cookies are offered as well, and the chocolate chip cookies are kept in the warmer. 

A family business in the heart of downtown Naperville

Cookie Dough Creations is a family-owned business, and Schultz credits her husband Jeff Schultz with keeping everything running smoothly. “My husband truly runs the show,” says Schultz, “we all just work for him at this point because he knows all the business aspects. My children have been working here since they were children, and now my daughter is 21 and she’s all grown up and comes in as kind of the manager at this point.” 

Cookie Dough creations is located at 22 W. Chicaco Avenue in Downtown Naperville.