Naperville’s Appreciation for Inspiration

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To be inspired is great, but to inspire others is Incredible!  At Naperville Community Television, we are inspired every single day by so many incredible people willing to share their personal stories with us, and ultimately, the community.

As we celebrate NCTV17’s 35th anniversary, we’re also celebrating gems that make our community shine and for February, it’s our appreciation for inspiration.  That’s really the core behind the storytelling that we do.  The greatest stories are those that move us, those that motivate our audiences to think, feel and do.

Inspiration Everywhere

From achieving the seemingly impossible, to overcoming adversity, to neighbors helping neighbors, you can find such stories around every corner in our great city.

Take for example, the story of Olivia Parker, a 12-year-old fighting cancer.  After her trip to Paris was cancelled due to the pandemic, her subdivision brought Paris to her.  Then there’s Dance On! and their story of how they took an experience with bullying – something that could’ve been upsetting to most – and turned it into something positive.  Or how about the journey of Lucy Westlake, the Naperville North Student who’s the youngest woman to climb the highest peak in all 50 states?

Inspiration has been particularly relevant these last couple of years as we all look for hope amid a global pandemic and there have been plenty of examples of Napervillians spreading joy, kindness and love.  Afterall, inspiration is often the driving force behind change for a better tomorrow.  And that’s why it shines among our list of “Naperville Gems.”