Meet the Ronchettis

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Have you met the Ronchettis? If not, allow us to introduce you.

Nathan and Paige met at a boat dance in Downtown Naperville right before their freshman year at North Central College (NCC). While they didn’t start dating at that time, they did become fast friends, and later a romance blossomed while working together at NCC’s radio station WONC 89.1 FM.  Paige and Nathan went on to graduate from North Central College, both with BA’s in Broadcast Communications. 

First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Juniper in a baby carriage 

The couple was married in 2009 and has lived in Naperville ever since. Paige said that Naperville “just feels like home.” Nathan agreed,  saying, “It took us a little bit of time to build our family, but we knew we wanted to stay here.”

The couple has a young daughter, Juniper, with a “big wonderful personality.” As a family, they enjoy exploring all of the great kid-friendly activities in Naperville, and they are particularly fond of all of Naperville’s wonderful parks. 

Finding their work niche 

Nathan is a consultant specializing in delivering technology and guiding clients through digital transformation. He reflected on his work, “It’s looking at processes and people and how we adopt new technology and think about how they’re going to do that.” He is proud to be a Certified Scrum Master and has supported clients in various industries, including Life Sciences, Government, and Fortune 500 CPG.

Paige is a realtor and interior designer. She was in the interior design business for eight years before she got her realtor license. Taking that next step in her career was her pandemic project. “Everybody else made sourdough, but I got my real estate license,” said Paige.  She finds the two careers are complementary, and she approaches the buying and selling process with a design eye. 

What do the Ronchettis do in their spare time?

As a family, they love watching Formula 1 racing, and both Ronchettis are involved in various charitable activities in the Naperville area. 

Nathan Ronchetti is a proud member of the DuPage Foundation Benefit Committee and Next Generation Initiative Steering Committee. Nathan  enjoys family dance parties and taking his Peloton for a spin. 

Paige has been involved the DuPage Foundation and is a volunteer Dream Bedroom Coordinator for pediatric cancer organization Special Spaces. In her free time, Paige is a crafter who enjoys sewing and building beautiful dollhouses.  

What’s next for the Ronchettis?

Nathan and Paige are very excited to take over hosting duties on NCTV17’s 630 Naperville as the program goes into its second year. 

Paige said, “We are very excited to be hosting 630 Naperville. There are so many interesting things about living here. Theres the unique businesses and restaurants, and the city itself with the Naperville Park District and its programs. There’s just a lot going on, and we’re really excited to share all of that information with people on 630 Naperville. 

You can catch the Ronchettis in action on 630 Naperville on NCTV17 on the first of every month at 6:30 pm and on-demand afterward.