The buzz on men’s hair

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From sick fades to the best products for beards and everything in between, 630 Naperville’s Nathan Ronchetti joined his barber, Eric Sowa of Naperville Barber Haus, to get an insider’s guide on men’s hair and learn why guys should really take more time to pamper themselves.

Why should men care about hair?

Nathan asked Eric why he thought men’s hair often doesn’t get the attention it deserves and why men often don’t take care of themselves in the same way women do. Eric said, that one of the main issues is that men often lack education when it comes to hair. He said the beauty industry is much more targeted to females. “We just know how to change a tire, and maybe do an oil change if we’re lucky. We just don’t have any education on how to groom ourselves,” said Sowa.

Tips for men’s hair:

  1. Regular visits to the barber
  2. Pick a hairstyle and facial hair that flatters your features and is right for your lifestyle (enlist the help of a barber if you need help!)
  3. Take care of your scalp and massage it while washing hair (just be sure not to wash hair every day, since it can strip your hair of protective oils)
  4. Use the right products for your particular hair type (some products can damage and strip hair, work with a hair professional to learn what is right for you)
  5. Be gentle drying hair and when possible let it air dry (Aggressively drying your hair can damage it and blotting versus rubbing with a towel is recommended)

Fancy Facial Hair

The pair discussed the hottest trends in facial hair and some key factors to consider before sprouting your chin carpet. Nathan asked Eric Sowa what a “beardstache” is and if could pull it off.  “There’s a little stubble here [chin and cheek area] and kind of growing out the stache. That’s what’s called a trend, and trends come and go.” He went on to explain how guys shouldn’t be afraid to experiment and try new things.

Sowa talked about how facial hair is kind of like makeup for men, and how altering those whiskers can change the entire look of a man’s face.  “Like if you don’t have a chin, you could create a nice jawline with just the lines on the cheek, making it look nice and groomed as well. You can really make someone’s face change completely with just a beard,” said Eric.

Sowa mentioned that whatever style you end up going with, what really matters is that you just do it with courage. “If you just have confidence in rocking it, that’s all that really matters,” said Eric.

Top products for guys?

The duo chatted about men’s grooming products and if one holy-grail product exists. Sowa explained, “There really isn’t a go-to product for just one specific guy. Everyone’s hair is so different, just like their thumbprint is so different. So, we look at their hair type, hair density, and what they need.”

He said that the type of product and style you get should be reflective of your lifestyle and how much time and energy you want to put into your look. For example, he said that giving someone a haircut that requires that they blow dry it for 15-20 minutes in the early morning, waking up the whole family, when they are used to towel-drying their hair wouldn’t be a good match. “So, lifestyle is so important to the type of products you need and the type of haircut is right for you,” said Eric. He recommended seeing a professional to help you assess your specific hair type and help you best determine a great look that is also manageable for your life.