What’s on Pam Bartlett’s bucket list?

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Pam Bartlett currently holds the position of Owner/Director of Fun at Pinot’s Palette in Naperville. In her role, she serves as marketer and operator of the paint-and-sip franchise, utilizing her extensive networking, business management, people, and leadership skills.

Under Pam Bartlett’s guidance, Pinot’s Palette in Naperville has achieved great success. The franchise has been the recipient of several prestigious awards, including Naperville Magazine’s Best of Naperville and Glancer Magazine’s Reader’s Choice Award for Customer Service. Additionally, Pinot’s Palette has bestowed upon Bartlett’s franchise multiple Golden Brush Awards for top sales.

One aspect that sets Pinot’s Palette in Naperville apart is their commitment to giving back to the community. The business hosts and donates to fundraisers, demonstrating their dedication to supporting many local causes and organizations.

Recently, Liz Spencer, host of Naperville Notables, had the opportunity to sit down with Pam Bartlett on 630 Naperville. As Pinot’s Palette prepares to celebrate a milestone year,  the duo explore who Bartlett is outside of the studio and discuss her many interests and passions.

What’s on Pam Bartlett’s bucket list?

Liz Spencer asked Pam Bartlett about some of her personal dreams and aspirations outside of her professional life and all three of her top bucket list items involved travel.  She said she would first like to go to the Netherlands to see the northern lights. “I’ve always wanted to see the aurora borealis. I hear you can see it from Alaska, but yes, I think I’d rather go to the Netherlands to see it,” replied Bartlett.

She continued, “The second one is a river cruise through Europe. I’ve always wanted to do that. I’ve been on a couple of cruises on the ocean, but I think I’d like to try it where you’re on a river and you can see scenery on both sides all day long. So I think I want to try that.”

“And the third thing is on my bucket list is hopefully one day to have a home in Colorado. I love the mountains,” concluded Bartlett.

Paintbrush or pastry brush?

The duo spoke about some of Bartlett’s passions outside of the art studio and Pam said that in in her free time she really enjoys cooking. One of her favorite recipe to make is Jamie Oliver’s Fantastic Roasted Chicken. “It’s got a lot of great ingredients in it. Prosciutto, lemon, thyme, butter. You let the butter get soft and you put all of those ingredients in the butter, and then you stuff it under the skin before you roast it,” explained Bartlett.

She cooked the chicken recipe in an audition video for Master Chef she made with a friend. The duo made it to the next round of auditions in Chicago but were ultimately beat out by a home-chef pig farmer.

Spencer asked Bartlett why she decided to audition for the show. “It just seemed like fun. Cooking, I love to cook. I’m sure there would have been some wine involved too. It’s competitive and I’m competitive, replied Bartlett.”

If she had to flee the country where would she go?

Spencer asked Bartlett, “If you couldn’t live in the United States, where might you want to live?” She replied, “The next best thing to Colorado is Switzerland. The Alps. I’ve been there. I love it.”

She continued, “They’ve got great mountains, great lakes, it’s safe there. And it’s just it’s just a real vibrant place. And it’s also neutral. It’s not only neutral, as they always say, but it’s in the middle of Europe so you can get anywhere from there. It’s a it’s a good place to be.”