State of the City 2022

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State of the City 2022

The Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce hosted its State of the City 2022 Address on March 24, 2022. Naperville Mayor Steve Chirico delivered the presentation at the Embassy Suites in Naperville

The State of the City Address is a recap of the past year’s events.  The speech shines a light on the improvements to the area’s quality of life. Furthermore, the address also looks to the future, as it highlights upcoming programs and initiatives scheduled for the year ahead.

A New Portrait

Naperville’s portrait is as vibrant as its developing landscape, and 2021 was a year of transformation. City leaders navigated the pandemic, a tornado, and economic uncertainty. However, during this time, they found that the policies and priorities already in motion primed the canvas to create a new portrait of what our community can – and will – look like

During the State of the City Address, Mayor Steve Chirico reflected on 2021, as he looked forward to the remainder of 2022, and encouraged the leaders of tomorrow to be bright and bold in their efforts of painting Naperville’s future picture by saying:

As we step back and look at the year behind us and what’s ahead, one thing is clear. We persevered. But now is not the time to rest. Our strength comes from our ability to adapt. Now is the time to be bold. To paint a picture so vivid. So colorful. That EVERYONE locally, regionally, and nationally WILL take notice. We paint this picture by mixing and blending and creating something unique. Remember – we didn’t build our current foundation by shying away. We believed we could set the stage for something greater. So we painted a new picture and succeeded in our work. But now it’s time to paint a new portrait. The canvas is primed. And it’s up to us now. I can’t wait to see what we create. Naperville has never settled . . . and neither should we.”

The ceremony was an opportunity for Mayor Chirico to recognize Naperville’s accomplishments while also acting as a platform to honor the people who made it possible. The State of the City 2022 Address recognized Naperville officials and their service to the community.

Watch the 2021 State of the City Address on NCTV17’s Community Events page.