Historian talk at Naper Settlement: “No really, THAT happened”

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Naper Settlement recently hosted their monthly historian talk, “No really, THAT happened” in Downtown Naperville. The “Friendly Neighborhood Historian” talk was the first of the 2023 season and covered an array of unbelievable and strange historical anecdotes spanning many different topics and time periods.

No really, THAT happened

Switching off on topics, museum curator of research,  Dr. Andrea Field, and associate vice president, Jeanne Schultz Angel, engaged the audience with their remarkable in-depth research and retelling of seemingly unknown historical events. Among the many topics covered were; the real story that inspired Moby Dick, how Santa Anna’s leg ended up in Illinois, and the origins of a failed city: New Philadelphia, IL.  The presentation gave in-depth analysis of each event, with many details that most historical texts skip over. Some events shared, such as the Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment, provided context for rules or conventions that we see in modern-day law. The expertise of Dr. Field and Schultz Angel on each subject painted a full picture of each event that put into perspective how seemingly bizarre stories can be the most effective and impactful in enacting change or inspiring curiosity.

About Your Friendly Neighborhood Historian series

Held at Naper Settlement, the “Friendly Neighborhood Historian” talks are open to the public for a small registration fee found on their website. Designed to get museum staff and occasional guests debating compelling questions, the chats often cover controversial or challenging themes throughout history. Next month’s theme, “Solving Problems Men Couldn’t: The Surprising Impact of Women Philanthropists” will be held on Thursday, March 16th to celebrate Women’s History Month.

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