Frey Orthodontics cruises in Rookies AA championship against Rapoport Weisberg & Sims

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It’s the Rookies AA Championship at Nike Park on Naperville Little League Baseball Championship day on NCTV17. Remember to order a personal copy of the game by visiting the NCTV17 online store and purchasing an MP4 download!

We are at Nike Park for the 2023 Rookies AA City Little League Championship between Frey Orthodontics and Rapoport Weisberg & Sims. Players from the Grey team such as James Sims, Tommy Weisseg, Logan Collander, and Jamie Mullarkey are prepared for a tough matchup.

First Inning

Leading off for Frey is Jacob Weil who hits a pop fly into the infield resulting in a single.

Next up to bat is Ej Sandrick who hits one to Gabe Auffant; he collects and passes off to Joey Bacha resulting in out number three keeping the game scoreless early on.

Second Inning

Sticking with the orange bats in the second inning. Brady Pongonis hits a grounder straight up the middle of the park for a single.

Batting next for Frey is Mack Prueter who hits a bouncer picking up a base hit of his own.

Still in the top of the second inning. Ben Gordan finds the infield allowing Hunter Horne to slide into second. At the same time, Brady Pongonis comes home to open the scoring.

The bats in the orange dugout are on fire. This time it’s Ryan Loomis whose hit allows Hunter Horne to score, putting Frey up by two.

Frey Orthodontics is still batting in the second. Brendan Doyle cranks one into left field. Ben Gordan and Ryan Loomis score extending that lead to five.

Third Inning  

We move into the third inning, but we are still with the bats on the orange side. Jacob Weil smashes one deep into the outfield. He rounds the bases for an inside the park homerun. What a play by #17 to put Frey up by six.

Jimmy Lenert’s turn at the plate. He hits a grounder past the short stop picking up a double.

The orange squad isn’t slowing down. Ej Sandrick is back up to bat as he drops one on the baseline. Dominick Ricordatio and Bobby O’Malley both score. The score is now 8-0 Frey.

Fourth Inning

Fourth inning now and up to bat is Jack Flynn who hits right back at the pitcher. He still makes it to first base safely.

Back up to bat is Ryan Loomis who hits straight to Cooper Dawson as the short stop throws to Jackson Larchey for the out.

Rapoport Weisberg & Sims is finally able to get out of the top of the inning as Nolan Hart strikes out Gavin McDanel.

The bats have been quiet so far for the gray squad. But Joey Bacha made sure to change that hitting into the outfield for a single.

Colton Vest is up next as he chops the ball through the infield getting on base.

Fifth Inning

Moving the action into the fifth inning. Bobby O’Malley is up to bat for the orange squad as he hits one down the third baseline allowing Jimmy Lenert to score.

That puts Frey up 11-0, and due to the run rule after five innings, that’s how we’ll end it. Frey Orthodontics dominates the Rookies AA championship game over Rapoport Weisberg & Sims. Congratulations to both teams on a fantastic season.