Juniors AA Championship Ends With a Walk-Off in Extra Innings

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It’s the Majors AA Championship at Nike Park on Naperville Little League Baseball Championship day on NCTV17. Remember to order a personal copy of the game by visiting the NCTV17 online store and purchasing an MP4 download!

Max Schueneman and Aashil Patel got their game faces on for the Juniors AA Championship. Cheran Balakumaran warming up before this one. Weston Schmitt is locked in and ready to go and so is Brady Knott as we got NCTV17, who is playing without Danny Quinn and Declan Crist, going up against Becker Service Center at Knoch Park.

First Inning

Top of the first, Owen Rechtorik gets it started for the team in blue as he lifts this ball deep into right-center field and that’s good for a single.

Later in the inning, Becker Service Center up 1-0 and Aarav Shah drives this ball to right. Ryan Ruscitti comes home and that extends the lead to 2-0 after the RBI single by Shah.

Pitcher Arshil Khimani does manage to get out of a tough first inning, as he caps it off with a strikeout.

Ruscitti on the bump for his squad, but Nathan Marran is able to make contact on his pitch. George Zenow unable to get under it and the ball gets away, which leads to extra bases for Marran.

Although, Ruscitti does retire the side as he gets a swing and a miss from Khimani. The blue and white still up 2-0.

Second Inning

Top of the second, Jonah Meslin hits this ball and it drops into right. He gets on base with a single.

Bottom of the inning, Max Schueneman crushes it to deep right field and he hustles around the bases to get a stand up double. NCTV17 looking to cut into this deficit.

They would in fact do so as Aashil Patel grounds out to first, but Schueneman crosses home plate. That’s an RBI for Patel after the fielder’s choice and it’s now 2-1 Becker Service Center.

Third Inning

To the third inning, Ryan Ruscitti pops this one up in the infield and Matt Mikuta is able to make a nice catch for the out.

However, Aarav Shah comes up big again for his team as Milan Barbir can’t make the diving grab in the outfield and Justin Mick comes around third to reach home safely. Another RBI for Shah and that makes it 3-1.

Mitch Mares gets involved on offense as he hits a bouncer to Arshil Khimani and beats the throw to first for the single.

Bottom half of the third, Milan Barbir drives this ball through the infield to secure a single as his team looks to respond.

And they do. Lucas Balgro swings high to put this ball into right-center. Barbir hustles his way to home, he slides, and he’s safe. He makes sure everyone knows he is and it’s back to a one-run game.

They’re not done. Danny Mikuta hits a grounder to Cheran Balakumaran who has trouble fielding it. Everybody’s safe and another run scores to tie the game at three.

Fifth Inning

Moving ahead to the bottom of the fifth, Jack Stevens takes this pitch inside for ball four and he takes his base on the walk.

Lucas Balgro brought home a run in the third, and he brings another one in as he smashes this ball that goes all the way to the fence. Once again, it’s Milan Barbir making his way to home only this time, he’s standing up. NCTV17 is up 4-3.

Seventh Inning

Still more chances for George Zenow’s team as we head to the top of the seventh. Balgro pitching now trying to close it out, but he walks Brody Wozniak and the tying run is on first.

Wozniak now on third and Samuel Tupek comes through in the clutch for Becker Service Center as he drives in the RBI single. We’re tied again and we’re going to extras.

Eighth Inning

Bases loaded for the team in blue in the eighth. However, Arshil Khimani makes an unbelievable play as he steps on second, then fires to first for the inning-ending double play. A huge moment for Khimani.

Nathan Marran with a chance to walk it off on his birthday. He delivers as the ball goes into right, Jack Stevens touches home and NCTV17 wins the Junior AA Championship in an absolute thriller. A dream come true for Marran and what a way to cap off an incredible season.