Majors AA City Championship Won Thanks to Big Inning

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Majors AA City Championship game has arrived with a showdown of top flight teams duking it out for the right to hoist the big trophy. Remember — you can purchase your own copy of the game by going to our online store and selecting an MP4

Setting the Table

Our match up today is the battle of the Republic League, and it really couldn’t be much closer between these two teams! Magnitech won the regular season with a record of 19-2, while Team Doyle Husley wasn’t far behind with a record of 18-3. These teams met three times during the regular season, with Magnitech winning 2 out of 3 games. For the first time in many years, the Republic league has two teams in the final game! Coach Leo Marketti of Magnitech hopes to keep his team on top, while Coach Nate Widloe of Team Doyle Husley hopes to steal the City Championship title from the Republic league champions.


It’s the Major AA City Championship game between the regular season champ, Magnitec at 19-2 and the 18-3 Team Doyle Husley.

1st Inning

Opening frame, Cal Leatherman puts the ball on the ground to Colin Padila – and the second baseman makes it look easy.

Later on in the frame, Leon Zhao at the plate and the left crushes it into the opposite gap – that’ll put him on second base and a couple of runners on.

Both score by the time Sam Widloe takes his at bat… nevertheless, he pounds out a hit to reach base.

But as Doyle Husley threatens to go up 3-0 in the contest, Thomas Marketti bounces off the mound and snipes Widloe at home.

So to the bottom half… and Marketti’s counterpart, Arshil Khimani gets his day going early – a couple of strike outs.

He can’t get all the outs though – and for the rest, he has Noah Cowan. The 5-3 putout ends the inning.

2nd Inning

Next half inning, Chase Knapp at the plate and he’s jammed on a soft pop fly… but it lands in no-man’s-land and Knapp reaches with a single.

The defense stepping up for Magnitec though – Aanish Kamdar with a slick pick up and rifle over to first for the 6-3 putout.

Still not out of it, and with Dominic Noonan at the plate, Doyle Husley gets closer to another run – but Magnitec is able to escape the frame.

2nd Inning

Bottom 2 – Magnitec down a couple of runs.. but getting a rally started is Henry Hamric, who reaches and puts Ray Thome on second base.

Then, coming through in the clutch to tie up the contest – Bed Goodall rockets a ball to the left field fence – that’ll bring in a run and we’ve got a ball game.

Keeping the rally cap on – Zach Jaglin gets an RBI ground out to tie it up.

With two on and two away, Alex Kapinus grounds one to the left side and it’s a little too hot to handle. Bases loaded!

Big trouble for Doyle Husley right? Not is Aahil Khimani has anything to say about it. The diving grab in right field is spectacular and may have just saved the game!

3rd Inning

So to the third we go knotted up – and Arshil Khilmani sends a rocket into the gap… two runners now in scoring position.

Same frame and Doyle Husley is striking gold – an infield single from Ashton Gustafson brings in a pair of runs and it’s a 5-3 contest.

Adding on – with a runner at the corner, Noah Cowen inside outs it to third… and beats out the throw. It’s a 6-2 game.

Playing from behind, Marketti is trying to rally the troops for a second time. He takes the outside pitch and lines it to right for a double.

But Doyle Husley gets out of it – Jesse Gudauskas puts the clamps down in left field to end the threat

4th Inning

Bottom four now and still trailing, Magnitec’s Jack Meyers gets a hold of one, and he’s going to cut into the lead, driving in Hamric.

5th Inning

But once again, Doyle Husley is on the prowl… Alex Reed squares up a fast ball and drives it to the fence.

And with two men out there – Gustafson will do the rest. The line drive single makes it an 8-3 game going to the bottom of the 6th.

6th Inning

At that poing, it’s all Leatherman. Three strikeouts in the final frame clinches the title. Doyle Husley wins, claiming the Major AA championship!