Naperville athletes head to Trampoline Gymnastics National Championships

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Eleven members of the Naperville Gymnastics Club are getting prepared to compete at the upcoming United States Trampoline Gymnastics Association National Championships. Two of the gymnasts competing are coming off outstanding performances in the recent Northern Illinois USTA State championships. Coach Kristle Lowell, an accomplished trampoline gymnast herself, is thrilled to see her students having so much success at these high levels.

“I’m really excited about the fact that this year some of our youngest athletes on the team, yet they take more reps than anybody so the sky’s the limit,” said Naperville Gymnastics Club coach Kristle Lowell. 

State to Nationals

Jackson Campbell competed for the 8 and under group during the State championship meet. He placed in events like the trampoline where he finished third, second place in tumbling, and first place in double mini-trampoline.

“I feel like it’s a really big accomplishment for me. I have had that in the first place before, but it hasn’t been this difficult. So I think I did a really good job,” said gymnast Jackson Campbell. 

Quick adjustment in the gymnastics room

Jackson is new to trampoline gymnastics, but like many who get involved in the sport, he quickly found enjoyment and success. 

“I didn’t think I was going to do this much. I thought I would just be like one of the other random kids here doing their random stuff. I didn’t really think I would be this good at it and be one of the top kids in the class,” said Campbell. 

“He actually went to a national qualifying meet and tried out for the national team this past year and now he’s ranked second on all of his events for the entire country. So we ended up moving him up a level after that because if he’s ranking second in the entire country, we need to move him up,” said Lowell. 

Lisa Tolstukhina is another member who made a major mark at the Illinois state championships by taking second place in the double mini-trampoline. Now she is ready to take her routines to a higher level at the upcoming National Championships. 

“I have to do three things: trampoline double mini and tumbling,” said trampoline gymnast Lisa Tolstukhina. 

While the kids look for their best performances when they arrive at Nationals, there is more to their routines than just sticking the landing. 

“I just really love all the fun that I’m having, like getting cheered on, and everyone is so like, yeah, they like cheering me on. And I’m like, yes, yes, yes, I’m so excited to do it because I know everyone’s going to be happy! Even if I lose or win, they’re still going to be happy for me so I just keep doing what I’m doing and I try really hard to,” said Campbell. 

From Naperville to Louisville

Nationals begin on June 17th, and run till the 22nd in Louisville, Kentucky. 

“I’m really ready I think it’s going to be fun and I think I’m going to have a good time,” said Campbell. 

The full list of Naperville Gymnastics Club state medalists includes:

First Place

Jackson Campbell – Double Mini-Trampoline

Kristle Lowell- Double Mini-Trampoline

Max Ivanov -Tumbling

Alisiia Ambe -Tumbling

Second Place 

Jackson Campbell – Tumbling

Lisa Elizabeth Tolstukhina – Double Mini-Trampoline

Luciana Ceballos- Trampoline

Kristle Lowell -Trampoline

Kristle Lowell – Tumbling

Max Ivanov- Double Mini-Trampoline

Third Place 

Jackson Campbell – Trampoline

Kristina Ambe – Double Mini-Trampoline

Max Ivanov – Trampoline

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