PFI Chicago walks it off over the Minions to win the Naperville Little League Majors A championship

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The Naperville Little League Majors A championship features the minions and PFI Chicago the top two teams in the division. PFI, which also calls themselves “The Turds” are coming off a 7-6 semifinal win to get in this position, thanks to a two run rbi from Aaron Brown. The Minions, featuring players like Gaspar Cho and Declan McCoy, look to end their season on a high note.

Minions begin their plan early

The Minions report to work immediately, starting with a base hit from James Soraparu. The hit also sends teammate and brother Morgan Soraparu to third, so we have ducks on the pond for the Minions.

Matt Lempicki is up and, despite the swing and a miss, here comes James Soraparu from third to put the Minions up 1-0.

However, that one run is all PFI Chicago pitcher Zach Sumatra is willing to allow, as he gets a punchout to retire the side.

With the Minons playing defense, the infield makes a stand early with James tossing to Matt Lempicki at first base who makes the out at first and keeps it 1-0.

Two on for the Minions back at the plate, and Jack Smucker takes advantage of a past ball and scores. It’s 2-0 yellow team after two.

The Soraparu show helps the Minions

In the third inning, the Soraparu show continues with Morgan putting this ball into right field. Although he gets caught in the rundown, and as he quickly takes a gamble at second, he’s safe. Then Adryan Demetrio sees the ball get away and is safe at home. It’s 3-0 Minions.

Every trick in the book was in their favor because Morgan stole home after another passed ball, and it’s a 4-0 Minion lead. They tack on another to go up 5-0.

In the bottom of the third, PFI Chicago is hoping to cook something up with Aaron Brown, who pops one up, and it just leaves the infield for a single.

Brown is in scoring position with Benicio Orihuela up and he gets a piece of the ball. Although James Soraparu is ready to tag him out and he gets him to keep the goose egg on the board.

PFI will not stay shut out for long. Eric Sundstrom chops one and after a low throw to first, Sundstrom is safe.

Sundstrom is on third, and another passed ball is thrown. He dashes home, slides, and is in there safely. PFI Chicago is on the board but trails 5-1.

PFI Chicago gets another run via RBI from Luke Mackey. We have a 5-2 ball game after four innings.

Brock Lathrop adds more insurance for the Minions with a single out to rightfield and scores later to expand the lead.

The hits keep on coming, with Charlie Chazz Ortega landing this shot into fair territory, and he navigates his way to second base for a double.

Then teammate James Smucker wants to bring him home and this shot out to center does the trick. Once Ortega touches the plate the Minions lead 7-3 heading into the bottom of the frame.

Sixth inning rally activated for PFI

PFI Chicago will not give up because Dylan “The Flash” Ehrlicher smells a potential rally after he puts this ball just into left field.

So, what does Tyler Rodriguez do? Well, Ty-Rod pops one into right, and it gets down for a hit. The Flash scores, and it’s now a three-run deficit at 7-4.

The bases are juiced with no outs, and Henry Daskas chops the ball through the infield, and coming home is Sundstrom and Rodriguez. Just like that, it’s a one-run ball game.

Luke Mackey is back up to bat, and he also chops one into fair territory. Daskas gets the green light to go home, and after the slide, this game is tied at 7.

PFI Chicago walks it off to win the city championship

Tyler Dolan is at the plate hoping to play hero and he gets enough juice on the short pop-up and drive in Mackey to win the game for PFI Chicago. Mackey celebrates with Daniel Giacobbe, Luke Estacio, Max Wenner, Frank Samaniego and the rest of the squad. PFI Chicago wins 8-7 in thrilling fashion and finishes the season with a record of 16-1 as the Majors A champions!

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