Supreme AA Championship Sees Two Red Hot Teams Square Off

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It’s the Supreme AA Championship at Nike Park on Naperville Little League Baseball Championship day on NCTV17. Remember to order a personal copy of the game by visiting the NCTV17 online store and purchasing an MP4 download!

After rain pushed the action to Sunday, Comer Children’s Hospital takes on R.J. O’Neil in the Supreme AA Little League Championship. This time, Cameron Greiner, Austin Highhouse and R.J. O’Neil will be without Gabe Vogel and Nolan Van Wetering. Meanwhile, no Cole Kim for Everett Kmetz and company. Liam McCoy is tossing the ball around as we get set for the big game.

First Inning

In the bottom of the first, Comer Children’s has Austin Fink on third base and Andrew Kaufman is able to get him home with this groundout out to first. They take an early 1-0 lead.

Later in the inning, Evan McCotter catches Cole Pfleeger looking and the top half of the inning is over. 1-0 lead for Comer Children’s.

Second Inning

Grady Hall is on the mound and he freezes the batter with this pitch. He heads back to the dugout without any harm done in the top of the second.

In the bottom half of the inning, Roman Kadakia pops up in the infield. Greyson Gallagher nearly makes the jumping catch. His throw is just late and the runner is safe at first.

With Kadakia now on second, Everett Kmetz dribbles one towards AJ Walters and his strong throw sends Kmetz back to the dugout. Kadakia stays put on second.

Comer Children’s now has runners on second and third and this wild pitch allows for Kadakia to cross the plate for the second run of the game. They’re now up 2-0.

Moments later, this ball gets away from the catcher and Mason Brejcha is able to come home to score again. 3-0 in the bottom of the second.

Weston Yeaman is still at the plate, and yet another pitch makes its way to the backstop. Liam Hawley comes around to score to make it a 4-0 game.

Third Inning

Moving on to the third inning, Austin Fink sends a fly ball to right center, Hawley corrals it and is unable to throw him out at second. Meanwhile, Jack Winkler moves to third.

Andrew Kaufman is the next batter and he sends one to the outfield as well. Nate Kurtz retrieves it, but Winkler speeds around third and scores the fifth run of the game for Comer Children’s.

Grady Hall is up next. He hits a slow roller down the line and Liam Mack’s throw to first is not in time. But Lucas Bernas makes a quick throw to Lucas Van Wetering at home plate to eliminate the potential run. However, Fink crossed the plate during that sequence to make it a 6-0 game.

R.J. O’Neil still trying to find the third out. Aiden Louthain grounds it to Nolan Page and he tosses over to first to retire the side.

Fifth Inning

Moving on to the fifth inning, Andrew Kaufman gets a hold of one and that sneaks past the infield. Ethan Zimmer is there to field it, but not before Jack Winkler touches home plate. Comer Children’s now has an 8-0 lead, just two runs away from ending the game.

Now with a 9-0 lead, Cole Pfleeger hits a fly ball to left field, which is enough to bring Kaufman around to score, making it a 10-0 game. It’s a mercy rule and that secures the Supreme AA Little League Championship for Comer Children’s.