Supreme AA City Championship Finishes With Flurry

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Supreme AA City Championship time at Nike Park during the Naperville Little League Baseball Championship Day festivities! Remember, you can order a personal copy of the game by going to NCTV17’s online store and purchasing an MP4!

Setting the Table

Our match up today is between Ledebuhr Wealth Management and American Legion Post 43! This is about to be one big ballgame, as both these teams really stood out in the regular season. Even more exciting, is that these two teams have faced off twice in the regular season, splitting the series between them. American Legion enters the game with a 14-4 record, while Ledebeuhr won the National League with a record of 16-2. Coach Louis Rizzi leads a group mixed up of old and young players, while Coach Pete Ledebeuhr definitely has experience on his side with his older players. Not only is there a City Championship title on the line, but the winner will finally determine the series between these two teams. Both teams have their sponsors cheering them on, but American Legion Post 43 paid a special tribute during the national anthem of one of the playoff games. A true taste of patriotism was more than inspiring to the players.


Welcome to the Supreme AA City Championship match between Ledebuhr Wealth Management and the American Legion Post 43. Ledebuhr enters as champions of the National League with a 16-2 record. American Legion comes in to the title game 14-4. As Mac Caile from Post 43 and Michael Malinger from Ledebuhr warm up for the action before the game begins.

1st Inning

Bottom of the 1st with Brody Stone on the mound for American Legion. Tyler Sokolnicki picks the ball off the bounce at second and finds Charlie Haigh at first base for the out. And look how hyped up the young players are.

2nd Inning

Top of the 2nd now and a wild pitch allows Nate Munch to come sliding home under the Matthew Perrino tag. The American Legion goes up 1-0 early on.

Bottom of the frame now as Ledebuhr Wealth’s Matthew Perrino smashes a shot deep into the outfield resulting in a double. Impressive power from someone his age. Mac Caile hustles to the ball keeps Perrino at 2nd.

Looking to end inning with the lead is Brody Stone who throws a strike out and keeps it 1-0 American Legion.

3rd Inning

Bottom of the 3rd as LWM’s Luke Davidson hits a roller to third base, but the throw is high and Davidson sprints into 2nd base to put the tying run in scoring position.

Davidson now on 3rd. Stone gets Will O’Mally to hit a pop fly that nearly drops but it’s caught by AL’s Jake Juceam keeping the Ledebuhr’s off of the board.

4th Inning

Into the 4th with two outs. Will Munch on third. Braden Pogge with a hit down the 3rd baseline to Will Fluery who throws across the field to his 1st basemen Matthew Perrino for the out. A bang-bang play to end the inning. What a throw.

Looking to jumpstart the offense for Ledebuh is Jonah Bell who hits a liner up the middle that deflects off the foot of Stone as Bell is on with a single.

Finn Ledebuhr is up next. He drops a single in to left field, going the other way. Runners at the corners.

Up to bat next is Dean Pierce who drops in a hit of his own. Bell comes in to score with Ledebuhr following closely behind. Pierce ends up on third.

Ledebuhr hopes to add to the lead, but Shrey Meyer catches the fly ball on the infield to put an end to the threat.

Owen Dendrinos is looking to help his team hold on to a narrow 2-1 lead as the game enters the final frames.

Up to bat in the 4th for American Legion is Kai Ancel who hits a double in the gap that brings home Max Rizzi for the tying run. A big time hit for Ancel.

5th Inning

Top 5 now as Colin Hodgman hits a single that allows Will Fluery to come home from third. Ledebuhr retakes the lead with some timely hitting.

6th Inning

Top of the 6th, Finn Ledebuhr with a hit into left center. That scores Jonah Bell as the lead expands to 7-3.

Up next is Matthew Perrino who gets low and yanks an RBI single into right field. Landon Burtnette gets to the ball and throws it in as Ledebuhr comes in to score. The team in green leads 9-3 after the inning.

Looking to keep the lead is Ledebuhr’s Dean Pierce who makes an incredible catch while falling backwards to rob Will Provenzano of extra bases. Another highlight reel play.

Jonah Bell looking to close out the victory for his team. Nate Munch with a hit down the first baseline straight to Matthew Perrino who steps on first for the final out. Ledebuhr Wealth Management with an impressive 9-3 win and the Supreme AA City Championship! A great season for both teams comes to a close.