Autism Awareness

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When it comes to Autism Awareness, Dana Davenport knows its importance first-hand, as her son was diagnosed with autism, along with two other special needs at the age of seven.  In this episode, Dana discusses how parents in a similar situation might get help navigating such a path.  Guests include: Carrie Provenzale, Executive Director for Turning Pointe Autism Foundation; Mike Briggs, President & CEO of Little Friends; Patti Boheme, Executive Vice President for Turning Pointe; Howard Weiss, Board President for Turning Pointe; Megan Covey, Adult Services Specialist for Turning Pointe; and Riley, student at Turning Pointe’s Career College.  This episode comes just in time to be ahead of Autism Awareness Month in April.

Turning Pointe Autism Foundation

Created in 2007, Turning Pointe Autism Foundation is a nonprofit organization that helps young children, teens, and young adults with autism by improving their communication, independence, and social behaviors.  Turning Pointe is a Naperville organization and partners with local school districts, employers, donors, and volunteers to help build a more sustainable and meaningful future for their students.

Little Friends

Started in 1965, Little Friends has a more regional reach, serving 800 people among nine counties and 45 school districts throughout Northern Illinois and Indiana, empowering people with autism and other developmental disabilities to thrive their communities.  The organization operates three schools, vocational training programs, residential opportunities, and the Little Friends Center for Autism – a place for diagnosis, evaluations, therapies and training for parents and professionals.

About Dana

Dana Davenport is a Naperville resident who is passionate about life.  Originally from the northern suburbs of Chicago, she is now a Naperville resident and a graduate of Spelman College and the University of Chicago Law School.  An attorney and mother, Dana divorced in 2015, unleashing a new lease on life.  She has a live radio show on on Wednesdays at 9pm and is excited to bring that show to television audiences on Naperville Community Television each month.

Previously, Dana has appeared on “He Said She Said” with Wanda Bee, “The Drive at 5” with Roman, and “Jaw Jackin” with Bob and T.C., and she was a relationship advisor on the “Gift of Gab Show” with Gabby Smith.