Four Under 40 award honoree Atusa Freyer

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Atusa Freyer is the Director of Marketing at Naperville Country Club. Coming from the corporate world on the agency side, Atusa migrated to Naperville Country Club in 2020 ready to implement her passion for marketing and fostering community connections in her hometown, where she was born and raised. As the founder of Action Plan Marketing Agency, she is also the driving force behind THRIVEFest, Naperville’s Inaugural Health, Wellness, & Fitness Festival. 

Her mission at Naperville Country Club and all that drives her is the sense of connection, community, and communication. She has a passion for creatively, strategically, and authentically identifying ways to enhance an individual’s experience. Whether it is at a Naperville Country Club event, leveraging partnerships for cross-promotion in the private club area, or helping to rebrand a client within multiple channels, her goal is simple: create the feeling of enrichment or efficiency.

Atusa sat down with Kaylin Risvold, President and CEO of the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce for this special edition of Inside the Chamber.

Who do you look up to for inspiration or mentorship?

I am lucky enough to have had many mentors throughout my journey, and I truly believe that is the beauty of life, we can all learn and appreciate qualities in one another, then lean in to better understand the type of businessperson and human you aspire to be. However, there are key characteristics that I am naturally keen on always observing and want to learn more about: the first of which is someone with entrepreneurial skills. When I meet a person who has an innate drive and tenacity that can’t be taught, I know they have had to cut their teeth on the business world and immediately know I can learn a lot from them. The next is, a leader is wonderful at delegating. Lastly, someone who doesn’t take themselves so seriously, because life is short and it is the greatest gift to have that type of perspective.

What one thing makes you most proud?

I am most proud of my drive. Call it being passionate, a go-getter, a visionary, relentless, etc. I don’t stop until I see my vision through, or complete a project to my highest ability. It gives me the greatest sense of fulfillment, knowing I tried something I set out to accomplish. Specifically, giving back and being a mentor to students looking to apply to schools, need assistance with personal statements, scholarships, career paths, etc. is where I love to see others Thrive, and instill that same sense of thirst to invest in their future.

What’s the most important risk you took and why?

The greatest risk I took was to run with my passion. When I left the corporate world and came to Naperville Country Club as a “client,” I felt like a fish out of water. I was used to working with four to five conglomerates at a time, but being at NCC allowed me to get back to my roots and what I love – the power of a good story. I now have the opportunity to tap into doing what I love, and that is showcasing and romanticizing concepts and experiences that some may overlook, underuse, or simply pass by.

Host: Kaylin Risvold, President and CEO – Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce

Guest: Atusa Freyer, Director of Marketing – Naperville Country Club