Informing, Engaging, and Connecting

Informing, Connecting, and Engaging
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Did you know that NCTV17 has been informing, engaging, and connecting our community since 1987? You see, NCTV17 believes, and has always believed, that local news, sports and community events matter.

That’s why you see daily news headlines in NCTV17 News Update, or stories about local schools, government, and neighborhoods in Naperville News 17. It’s why high school athletics are showcased in Naperville Sports Weekly and why local businesses and nonprofit organizations are able to sit down on original TV Talk Shows like Business Connection or Spotlight and market themselves. It is also why you see the arts celebrated through our community event coverage.

Over the last three decades, as Naperville has grown, so has NCTV17. As the world of media has evolved, so has NCTV17. Today you have many options for accessing NCTV17’s hyper-local content:

If email is your thing…
NCTV17 News Update This two-minute video delivers the top 4-5 local news headlines right to your inbox Monday through Friday. From City Hall to the halls of our schools, you’ll always know what’s happening in your community.

Station E-Newsletter A monthly email with updates and reminders about new show premieres, special promotions, invites and announcements from the station.

Football Friday Each Fall, Naperville Sports Weekly produces a five-minute weekly video recap for all six local high school football teams, including top plays, key stats, and conference standings. It’s delivered right to your inbox at 7 AM on Saturday morning.

If social media is your thing…
Follow us on all of your favorite platforms to stay connected to what’s really happening in your local community. Naperville News 17 is known to go LIVE during breaking news in Naperville so be sure to turn on your notifications for our:
And, our YouTube Channels for News, Sports, and our Livestream

If podcasts are your thing…
Listen to all of our original TV Talk Show programming via Podcast, whatever your preferred app!
Apple Podcasts
Or on Spotify

As we have done throughout the decades, we also always invite the community to send in local news tips, story ideas, or information directly to our newsroom via our website or email at (No guarantee of coverage…but it’s guaranteed, if we don’t hear about it, we can’t cover it!)

As we get ready to celebrate our 35th Anniversary in 2022, we hope you will continue to tune in to Channel 17 & and let us continue to keep you informed, connected, and engaged to the community we all love!

– Savanna Hoffman, NCTV17 Communications Specialist